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The wait is over… You can now join the Soapbox on MSN Video beta!
Click here to join the Soapbox beta!
(After clicking you’ll need to sign in with your existing Passport/Windows Live(TM) ID or you can create one.)
Soapbox is a new service from MSN that lets you easily publish, watch and share videos with your friends, family, and the world. With Soapbox, you can:

  • Publish video from any major digital video format (AVI, ASF, WMV, MOV, MPEG 1/2/4, 3GPP, DV, H.263, H.264)
  • Watch entertaining and original videos uploaded by others
  • Do everything: search, browse, share, even upload video, all without interrupting the video you’re watching
  • Tag any video on the site to categorize it as you see fit
  • Embed videos in your blog or e-mail your friends links to your favorite videos
  • Set up customized RSS feeds by user, category, or tag to automatically get notified about new videos you’re interested in
  • And lots more.

Join Soapbox. Make your statement. Give us your feedback.
The Soapbox Team
Having problems signing up or want more information? See our help page.

在接受邀请的时候,我注意到尽管soapbox打着msn video的旗号,可接受的用户协议依然是Windows Live的用户许可协议。页面上给出一个soapbox相关背景的链接——ON10.net,这就是前些日子微软发布的一个官方的开发人员Blog。在ON10.net上的视频中可以看到一些soapbox的细节,个人感觉界面布局真的很像YouTube,只是颜色换成了msn风格的深蓝色。视频中最让我感兴趣的是一面画着“msn Entertainment”Logo的墙。
“msn Entertainment”,听起来微软似乎要将msn做成一家娱乐公司,难道微软还要拍电影、出专辑么?
update: 10.18 13:43 Windows Live Expo China Beta也在今天发出了邀请信,想要试用的朋友可以前往注册页面注册申请邀请信,也可以在网上寻找已有邀请的用户邀请自己试用该产品。